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Fast weight loss overview

We human are lazy and most of us are looking for shortcuts, for easy and fast ways to lose weight, whenever it's possible. But if you want to lose fat fast, then there is a simple truth you have to handle... at first you need to BURN fat.

happy girl lost weightYep, you have to go the long way and burn fat.

Burning fat is not that hard... all you have to do is, start using way more calories than you take in. Do you eat more calories than your body uses during the day? You know that the additional calories eaten will be stored as body fat later on.

Want to stop a build up of body fat? You can either reduce your calorie intake or burn more calories, means increase your daily activity levels. Even better, if you can combine them and do both of these, then that will give the greatest effect on reducing your body fat and weight loss.

I think, the formula to lose weight is clear now: the more weight you want to lose, the greater the amount of fat you have to burn off. Yep, as simple as that.

So, how do you lose fat fast?

As we discussed above, you can do it by REDUCING your calorie intake or simply by INCREASING your daily physical activity level. Or you can do both of them at the same time for greatest effect.

I've compiled here small list of things you can do to help you achieve and speed up your fat loss:

  • Speed up your metabolism -- Doing exercise on regular basis speeds up your metabolism. The more active lifestyle you have, the more speed up metabolism you have and you lose weight faster.

  • Metabolism does control weight - True but for some reason most people today are not aware or simply ignore that they can gain control and adjust their metabolisms. As a result they have difficulty control their weight! However, if you are first starter than it might be not be too healthy for you to bump into an extremely active lifestyle all at once. It will be much better to raise the activity level as fast as you safely can as an individual.

  • Eat healthy and well balanced diet -- Eating variety of foods every day, plenty of veggies, fruits and whole grain products, low-fat dairy products, lean meats, poultry, fish, and legumes can balance your diet and give your body steady supply of necessary vitamins and vital minerals. I hope you remember that you have to drink as little as 8 glasses of water a day, to cut on sugar, alcohol and saturated fat intake. You see it for yourself that western world treat the food as a some kind of entertainment. The meaning is that it actually plays the major role in the non stoppable battle in fighting obesity and fat. Food consumption definitely can't be taken as something giving you gratification as it is the reason that we become gluttons. Can you see how you instead of stopping when your hunger is sated, continue eating until you feel stuffed? And all that just to enjoy more out of the food you eat!

  • Be mentally strong -- By all means... don't be obsessed with your shape and weight. It's only natural having bad days now and then and remember to not be too hard on yourself, don't turn it to punishment. Try to learn from all the past mistakes you have done in your earlier dieting trials and just go on with your life. You have to keep in mind that you are going through all weight loss hurdles just to improve your health and life quality. What good it will do to you if you do not enjoy your new YOU and your new lifestyle? Do all you are doing in moderation and enjoy day by day... enjoy life as it comes.

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  • Remember to free enough time for rest and good night's sleep as well. Both of them, sleep and other lifestyle patterns, will either help or hinder the rate you lose unwanted fat.

An active lifestyle can enable you to exercise to exhaustion just to keep your metabolism quick and fat content in your body, low.

Try to extend yourself to your limits as it enable you fully utilize your lungs, heart and muscles for most efficient fat burning.


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