Successful Weight Loss Step 3: Regular Exercise

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You Will need to be physically active

woman joggingWell, you already have your proper diet and you can start your diet regimen, right?

But when it comes to weight loss and dieting you know as well as I do that having only proper diet will not do the job for...

Do you know why some dieters succeed to lose more weight then others? What they get better results?

If you answered: "They do Exercise" -- than you're so right :)

Yep, that's it... you need to exercise.

As simple as that and unfortunately there is no other way.

Healthy and balanced diet, exercise, rest and relaxation combined all together not only promote your weight loss but empower you with optimal health.

You eat better, have scheduled time for exercise, rest and recreation, you lose excessive weight and improve your lifestyle all at once -- Isn't that great?

And still there is really no other way than become more physically active for losing weight.


Even so, no worry, you don't need to become an Olympic champion or run a marathon...

All you have to do is some not very difficult exercises  :)  That's all.



You don't need to run a marathon

When you be doing regular workout, be active and move all day, it will make you burn more fat and even you'll it faster.

It's all true that more advanced exercises you do and more active you are, you burn more fat... lose weight faster...

...and here is an energy expenditure chart that demonstrates how much energy you can burn through various physical activities, that you can use to decide what is your favorite activity but even when you simply go for walk, run, jogg or do simple exercises on a regular basis, at least 3-4 days per week, you spend more energy and burn fat faster. 

Means you lose weight.

I personally recommend you as a beginner, go for fast walks and aerobic exercises as they are the best for burning fat!

Find out why you should exercise

What mistakes you should avoid when exercising



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