Types of Natural Weight Loss Supplements

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natural weight loss supplements

Can you tell all the types of natural weight loss supplements available on the market? Probably not... Did you know that each of them represents unique weight loss solution and method.

All those supplements actually express the view of the company that make it, on how to lose weight and which method they use for weight loss.

In order to help you out with choosing the right weight loss product, among the plethora of weight loss products available on the market, we review the most popular types of natural weight loss supplements today:

  • Fat binders

    Fat binder diet pills work by binding dietary fats in the stomach while they form a fluid gel around the particles of fat and that way make the fat complex too large to be digested and absorbed by your body later on.

    The binded dietary fats are excreted naturally through your gastric system. Using fat binders reward you with many benefits; for example: you can eat whatever food you like but even then you consume less fat than usual.

    This is the surefire way of fast and safe weight loss.

    You have to keep in mind that most fat binders today use so called "fat magnet" -- Chitosan (has drawbacks that you should know).

    Fortunately, for some time ago a new clinically proven 100% organic fat binder weight loss pill Proactol appeared on the market. The main ingredient of Proactol, NeoPuntia 100% organic fiber has outstanding fat binding capacities that were approved by numerous clinical studies and scientific researches.

    Chitosan, on the other hand, has been found as much weaker and very much PH-dependable fat attracting, binding properties.

    We have strong believe Proactol Fat Binder and recommend you to try it as our top rated weight loss supplement.  Proactol has shown fantastic results among many people that used it and its popularity is growing every day!

  • Carb blockers

    Carb blockers weight loss products prevent breaking down of  fat, and blocking them digestion and adsorption the body.

    The active component of carb-blockers, white kidney bean extract � Phaselous Vulgaris, interferes with the enzymes that are involved in splitting of carbohydrates, and prevents their conversion into the carbs and later on to fat.

    Unfortunately there is lake of clinical studies performed by medical and research communities to suggest how effectively carb blockers work for the long-term weight loss. Studies conducted by those who sell these products are dubious. They mostly focus on short-term intervals.

    The effectiveness of carb blockers is varies and is different from company to company and from products to product. Some of them try to create really natural complex with no use of white kidney bean extract.

    Carb blockers have a proven results of losing weight but you still need to choose the reliable producer.

    The manufacturers of carb inhibitors provide a list of side effects when you use them. The gastrointestinal distress, heartburn, excessive gas and diarrhea are some of them.

  • Metabolism boosters

    This type of weight loss supplements become to the most spread type today. They work by acceleration of metabolism whilst they manage to do it by various methods including heat production, stimulating the central nervous system etc�

    The most of metabolism boosters are not scientifically proven. They are not clinically tested and basically there is no guarantee that they can work for everyone the same way.

    IMPORTANT: several products of this kind were found to contain dangerous ingredients like Ephedra, Ma Huang that come along with some serious side effects.

  • Thermogenic calorie burners

    Thermogenic calorie burner weight loss pills rise the temperature of your body and help burn calories faster. These kinds of diet pills give usually give only short-term results.

    Your weight is expected to come back when you stop taking these diet pills.

  • Thyroid supplements

    This kind of diet pills affect the thyroid gland. If you take these pills, you can expect to activate the production of thyroid hormone. The hormone is responsible for the metabolism of your entire body.

    These diet pills are most effective for people suffering of a hypothyroidism.

    When you buy this kind of pills you also need to reconsider the reputation of companies that produce thyroid supplements.

    For example, since Tiraticol stimulant contains dangerous components  FDA considers it to dangerous to your health product.

  • Complex herbal weight loss supplements

    These supplements represent the mix of both natural components and herbal components.

    Natural components are responsible for appetite suppression, enhancing of metabolism, prevention of cholesterol absorption.

    The herbal components provide extra nutritional support.

    The mix presented in these diet pills provide you with weight loss and nutrients that you need in balanced diet.

    The can get wonderful results when you use this complex natural weight loss supplements. They have been proven as safe for weight loss and even for an overall health improvement.

  • Appetite suppressants

    These is very popular group of weight loss pills. The active component actually works to suppresses your appetite and helps you reduce calorie intake.

    Hoodia Gordonii is one of the most popular appetite suppressant. It  is well known to suppress appetite and help you lose weight with no side effects. Hoodia weight loss qualities scientifically were researched in South Africa.

    The active ingredient of Hoodia Gordonii, P 57, is very unstable molecule that cant be prepared by synthetic way. The raising demand for the product and heavy restrictions of the governments to protect Hoodia plant, make it almost impossible to find a natural Hoodia Gordonii product on the market.

    For this very reason you should be careful when you buy Hoodia product. There are a lot of fraudulent products of this kind, especially Hoodia Gordonii. Make sure you order it only from reputable companies or official website.

    Keep in mind that pure appetite suppression is not good for your health. Those who suffer from diabetes have to be especially cautious to make sure that pills you buy also contain necessary nutrients.



As we already mentioned earlier, you can expect the best weight loss results only if you use these diet pills in combination with healthy diet and moderate physical activity.

Keep in mind that weight loss pill that you choose belongs to one of those types and diet pills like fat burners, carb blockers and pure appetite suppressants usually give results in short run.

You can expect that your weight apparently will be back when you stop taking them.

We always prefer natural weight loss solutions like natural weight loss pills as they combine several approaches to weight loss.

For example: appetite suppressant, metabolism booster and extra nutrition - all on a natural basis.

As it all comes down to choosing high quality weight loss pills -- check out our top rated weight loss pills chart.



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