Why you should drink more water if you want to lose weight

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Why is water so important to our health?

There is nothing new in saying that "human body is water trapped inside the walls of cells", isn't it? There are multiple reasons why we drink water:


  • To maintain the optimum level of hydration in our bodies

  • To flush the toxins out and cleanse the body

  • To cool off

  • To keep the joints working

  • To help the food digestion process

The nutritionists and other experts recommend us to drink at little as 8 glasses or about 2 liters of water a day. If you wonder why, it's simply because this is the amount of water that your body uses throughout the day to function properly through sweating, urination and various vital bodily functions.

If your body can't get the necessary water to replenish the lost water then it goes into dehydration. Dehydration cause to all bodily functions start to suffer. This is why doctors and dieting experts advise you abstain from food... but never from water.

Since water plays vital role in the mechanism of the proper metabolism,  the efficiency of the metabolism in your body directly depends on water to work properly. When the lack of water in your body is indicated, the process of breaking eaten food down and converting it into energy is slowed down also. That way fewer calories are burnt and less fat is lost. And it's the opposite of your initial goal, isn't it?

If you have a dieting experience than you know that there is a point when seem that you've have hit the plateau, and you can't go further with your weight loss.

Then let me tell you this: it happen and the reason is that you are probably not drinking enough water! Not drinking enough water during dieting can be compared to "running of fumes" and that's what you have to avoid.

We already have mentioned that when your metabolism slows down, you stop losing weight. As simple as that... And that happens even more dramatically since the body's energy levels diminish and exercising becomes less effective.

Did we mentioned that water also plays an important part in the digestion process? Yes, it helps excrete and eliminate the residues from your body.

Shall I remained you that not drinking enough water is your one-way ticket to constipation that on it's part causes to a lot of other problems of the intestines.

Does the poor digestion mean getting not enough energy from the food that you eat? Absolutely, lack of energy means less fat burnt.

This will make your body ask for more food and the weight loss process stops right there and as you might assume, the weight gain process begins.

When the body is dehydrated it sends out fake hunger signals tempting you to eat more food than you should, even if you are on your diet.



Drinking water will make you eat less

Did you know that water is also great filler?

Here is a little piece of advice. Want to eat less? than drink a TALL glass of cold water half an hour before every meal.

You will feel like your stomach is not empty as water will fill a large part of your stomach.

This extremely effective sound advice can be confirmed by many dietitians and doctors! When half of your stomach is filled with water and when your body is telling you that is seems that it's almost full, you really don't need that much food and you certainly can cut it short in that meal.

Keep in mind to spread the intake of the water during the day to gain the full benefits of drinking enough water. The simple meaning is that there is no need to drink 2 liters of water all at once because the excess will by flushed out by your body and a major part of it will be wasted. Also, please don't restrict yourself only to water!

Since all kinds of fruit juices, teas and coffee are based on water they count also as liquids used to hydrate your body. But not so with alcohol... It has the exact opposite effect on your body. So ladies, don�t be afraid to drink a lot of water... it will not make you retain it. It turns out that dehydration forces the body to hang on to what it has, not an abundance.

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Final word of advice

If you want keep your body in good health condition it'll be good practice to start drinking water slowly and aim for at least 1.5 liters of water a day. It's about 5  glasses of 0.3 liters. To ease on you the following your water intake you can write down every time you drink one glass of water. You can of course write a dash or something. Have 5 dashes? You've done for that day.

And the most IMPORTANT: Remember to drink water slowly and spread the water intake during the day. If you do it for a week then next week you can aim for 2 liters a day. It will not be that easy, if you are not drinking enough water anyway.

The whole point is to get used to a habit of drinking at least 2 liters of water a day. You will see how you feel much better both physically and mentally. And you will see how it help you lose some weight also.

So, go ahead and start drinking water now!


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