Health Benefits of Pomegranate: Pomegranate Health Benefits

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Pomegranate Health Benefits


Pomegranate health benefits review

It's well known how Chinese ancient medicine is related to nature and how they use natural resources as plants, fruit and vegetables to strengthen immune system of human body and sometimes even protect or prevent serious illnesses.Pomegranate Health Benefit Benefits

Pomegranate is one of those fruits which Chinese estimate mainly because of its dark reddish color and they consider it as "Blood Strengthener" supplement.

Iron content in Pomegranate is not that high as it is popular to think of. Apparently because of it's dark color, pomegranate is a little bit an overestimated. The truth is that Pomegranate actually positively affects "Blood Strengthening" the meaning is that it improves Anemia symptoms like: tiredness, weakness,  dizziness, losing hear, feeling of cold...


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Pomegranate benefit researches

In the last years comprehensive researches and studies are made to learn more about Pomegranate health benefits and results are showing that there is much to learn and discover.

Pomegranate was found more effective inhibitor than red wine, blueberry, Concord grape, ascorbic acid and Di-alpha-Tocopherol.

It turns out that Pomegranate, this delicious food, contains many beneficial substances such as Poliphenols that have proven anti-oxidant, anti-viral and anti-tumor activities.

Great efforts were made to use pomegranate healing benefits in modern medicine. Pomegranate’s red pigments are most powerful antioxidants and as such they assist to compete with various oxidants around us each day: smoke, herbicides, air pollution, junk food, and sun radiation.

Pomegranate which has rich content of antioxidants, help us to overcome their negative effect.

According the last researches Pomegranate as a row fruit, a juice or an extract can be effective to assist in preventing or slowing following illnesses:


  • Breast cancer

  • Skin tumor formation

  • Prevent Prostate cancer or slow the growing process

  • Improving lipid profiles in diabetic patients with Hyperlipidemia

  • Improving a depressive state and bone properties in menopausal syndrome

  • Lowering blood pressure

  • Lowering LDL (bad cholesterol) level

  • Lowering triglyceride's level

  • Blocking enzymes that contribute Osteoarthritis

  • Reducing risk of brain injuries in babies during pregnancy



Pomegranate Mineral Content and Food Value


Mineral content and Food Value Per 100 g of (3.5 oz.) Edible Portion








Trace only to 0.9 g














0.3-1.2 mg






None to Trace







Ascorbic Acid


Citric Acid


Boric Acid



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Pomegranate juice

Consuming of Pomegranate or drinking fresh juice is directly increasing antioxidants levels in human body. Some of the researches claim that a half glass of Pomegranate juice is equal to two glasses of red wine regarding to consumption of Flavonoids .

Reports of researches show that Pomegranate’s juice is assisting in lowering LDL (bad cholesterol) levels in blood. Individuals consuming Pomegranate juice decreased LDL levels 15-25%.

It's reasonable that anti-oxidants of Pomegranate juice have other positive effects on processes in the body: as fighting cancer cells and maybe even anti-aging too.

According last researches Pomegranate contain high concentration of Phytoestrogen - vegetal substance like Estrogen hormone. This proves ancient Chinese hypothesis about Pomegranate as assistant in anti-aging process delaying and useful for treatment symptoms of premenopause. Some other research shows effectiveness of Poliphenols ( kind of antioxidants ) in fight with breast cancer.

100gr of Pomegranate grains have about 65 calories and contain vitamins from A and B categories, Folic acid and potassium.



Pomegranate Fruit, Concentrate, Juice or Capsules

Pomegranate is available as fruit, as juice and as supplement in extract form.

Pomegranate fruit can be maid into Pomegranate Jam, Jelly, Juice, Juice concentrate, Pomegranate wine and Martini and even molasses.

It's recommended to consume row Pomegranate Fruit grains (seeds) and it even might be added to various salads or cooking with rice or meet. Grain valuable qualities stay untouched by cooking.

Effective dosage for LDL treatment is daily consumption of about half glass Pomegranate grains means one average fruit. When juice is consumed half a glass is enough too.

To have Pomegranate juice best is fresh fruit and juice extractor but nowadays it might be bought even in drugstores. When bought in drugstore it is important to make sure you purchased natural concentrate of the fruit. Concentrate might be used in cooking's too. As treatment for LDL it’s recommended to dilute 1 spoon of concentrate in glass or half glass of water.

In stores might be bought Pomegranate natural juice in bottles as well, than you have to make sure that it’s truly natural. When consuming juice you have to be aware of high concentration of sugar in it. So it is not recommended as LDL treatment for diabetes.

Recently appear in a stores capsules of 100% Natural Pomegranate extract health supplement with 60 capsules of 500mg each of Pomegranate extract in a bottle. Although they are relatively new on the market they have already proven, in a various clinical studies, their affectivity and how they can benefit your health.

500 mg of 100% natural pomegranate extract health compare to 8 ounces of pomegranate juice.

An advantage in consumption of capsules is convenient obtaining and they are sugar free so highly recommended for diabetes.

Pomegranate extract 500mg pills

Recommended daily dosage is 1 or 2 capsules with food or water.

At last, word of caution! Sometimes (very rare) Pomegranate grains cause to constipation therefore you have to not exaggerate in consuming.


Order 100% Natural Pomegranate EXTRACT Health Supplement

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