How you can lose weight by proper sleeping

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Losing weight by sleeping

Remember what are the four basics of healthy weight loss? We are mentioning them time after time to ensure that every one of you who want to lose weight will do it the right way... the way that will improve your health and well-being as well.

And here are these four basics: the proper well balanced diet, exercising, rest and relaxation.

Look at the last two! Sleep actually is related to both of them.

So, once again if you need to lose weight there is a small secret that I want to share with you: don�t just count calories; you might want to count sleep as well. How's that?

According the latest studies about sleep deprivation show that sleep deprivation disrupts a series of metabolism and hormonal processes vital for your body.

When that happens is actually increases your hunger. It affects the metabolism in your body making it difficult for you to lose and control weight. The hormone called Cortisol, is the one that controls your appetite. The Lack of sleep actually cause to increased amounts of Cortisol released into your blood stream and cause you to over eat. Excess of calorie intake is stored later as fat on your body.

Furthermore, the lack of sleep interferes with carbohydrate metabolism and that way sleep loss can cause to high levels of glucose in your blood. Thus excess of glucose will stimulate the overproduction of insulin, which on it's turn leads to developing of diabetes or even obesity.

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And that's not all... The lack of sleep affects your behavior and can lead to weight gain. It's known that those people who lack sleep tend to crave for sweets and high carbohydrate. They eat more high fat food that has very low nutrient value.

Unfortunately the foods such as chips, pastries, fries, burgers, soft drinks etc... are often the preferred snacks when one suffer of the lack of sleep. They cause to short-term rise in blood sugar and give you surge of energy, even your body does not need those extra calories at all... They all will be stored as body fat later on.



How much sleep do I need?

The people who are sleep deprived, usually are too tired to do an additional physical activities like exercise. Even when they do work out, they do it less intensely than usualas they always feel exhausted. The lack of energy and motivation that they suffer from, disrupt to do even simple exercises.

How Not to feel too Tired and Not to suffer from a lack of energy

Sleep deprived people would rather go to sleep or eat, than go through any additional physical efforts. Meantime, the gained calories are not burned instead are deposited in the body as fat.

You know that we human are all different... some of us need less hours of sleep to be in top condition during the day and perform normally, while others may need more than 8 hours of sleep!

Lately experts do agree that sleeping for at least 7-8 hours per night is the minimum each of us to rejuvenate and have as enough energy to do exercise, eat right and keep those unwanted pounds off.

And even so, according to National Sleep Foundation, only 30% of adults get 8 or more hours of sleep on weeknights, while 52% do on weekends.

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It's interesting enough that only about a third of adults sleep no more than 6.5 hours nightly.




There is a tendency in the US and in the whole industrialized world, that more and more people suffer from sleep deprivation.

It turns out that disruption in the sleeping patterns and sleep deprivation is one of the main reasons that people are getting overweight.!

If you want lose weight and have an improved health while you keep the shaded pounds off, you need to free up more time to get at least 6-8hr of good night's sleep.

It seems like we, you and I, should start making some big behavioral and lifestyle changes now to have a better and healthier tomorrow.


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