Coffee and Health: Friends or ...

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Why I drink Coffee?

Every one of us from time to is going through serious physical or mental efforts.

In such condition it's practically impossible to bring back alertness and freshness and temporarily boost our energy levels without a cup of coffee or large glass of cold, fresh juice. But now we'll speak about coffee...

Coffee and Health: Friends ?

Day after day people around the world are drinking millions of cups of coffee. It has become a staple of life. We see a Star Bucks on every corner. Real question which should bother us is: Is coffee really this good or is it so addictive? For my humble opinion it is both really. I think good coffee almost has a sexy taste to it... And smell...isn't it as great as taste?

Taste of good coffee is so rich and full bodied. It's hard to find thing to compare to it.

Maybe chocolate, but that is another article all together.

You love to drink coffee. You love a good cup of steaming hot Joe on a cold morning. You love watching the steam come off the coffee as it snows outside.

It's a very relaxing thought. Is coffee good or bad for you? Well, I think it depends on who you ask.

It's an interesting fact that children and youngsters do not find coffee as attractive, but it changes with age. As we become older Coffee became more attractive and sometimes even addictive too.

And, I'm assuming that, since the readers of this article are coffee lovers ( and so are you too right? ) this article can't make much difference on their habits. They probably will not retire from their steaming mug forever, after reading this article. So, let's try to explain, who knows which time, how exactly coffee impact your health and fitness and how can be utilized your love to Coffee and the Healthiest way possible.

Aside from testing great and smell even better, it's believed that coffee have number of health benefits.

As we already agreed, we need our daily dose of caffeine to get over a fatigue and improve alertness and concentration but lately research suggests coffee can lessen hart disease, Parkinson's disease and gallstones as well as act a powerful antioxidant.



Coffee and Caffeine studies

Study released by University of Scranton revealed coffee is no. 1 source of antioxidants for Americans and important compound that protects human body.

Antioxidants help stave off cancer, heart disease, stroke and even diabetes.

So, how safe is this magic poison in mug? Caffeine is a drug, clear and simple. It's addictive - too much can be toxic (caffeine overdose ) and withdrawal causes side effects: headaches and dizziness. It has ''global'' effect which influences whole body systems.

According a doctors coffee is anti-nutrient. Caffeine absorbs essential minerals including iron, magnesium, Zink and potassium, even B vitamins.

For example, drinking coffee while eating a hamburger reduces the amount of iron absorbed by 40%, Zink absorption is reduced within an hour after a meal.

Various studies have concluded that avid coffee drinkers are more at risk of miscarriage and birth defects, osteoporosis, arthritis and heart disease.

So, from all above can we get a right conclusion? Any conclusion...? Is our daily cup doing more harm than good?

How Can we decide if Coffee is really friend of our Health or Foe?

"Findings Thus far are inconsistent and evidence against coffee drinking is poor unless we're talking about an exceptionally high consumption. In moderation coffee doesn't appear to cause health problems" - says Dr. Wendy Doyle from British Dietetic Association.



More coffee effect study ...

All know that caffeine can boost your endurance, particularly during exercise lasting 30 to 120 minutes. Because of high caffeine content many people drink coffee to get same effect. Unfortunately it's not so according to recent study.

Canadian research team compared effects of caffeine and coffee on run time to exhaustion. They took a group of 9 men in 5 trials. 60 minutes before each run each one took one of the following: Placebo ("dummy'' supplement, Caffeine capsules, De-Caffeine coffee, De-Caffeine coffee with caffeine added and Regular coffee.

The results were somewhat surprising: Performance times were to 10 minutes longer in subjects using caffeine capsules. There were no differences in run times among their trials.

Coffee has great smell and tastes great too. You enjoy to having it so it must be not so bad if you enjoy from our mug or two of coffee during a day. If on the other hand you are drinking a pot every hour, you know that it will have an effect on you. I know people who drink coffee when they wake up to the time they go to bed. This is common in alcoholics.

It's hard to summarize con's and pro's about coffee.

It definitely has some benefits but maybe very real risky disadvantages too. Let's talk about some of the bad things about coffee.



Coffee stains your teeth

Drinking Coffee can cause some esthetic problems too: Known fact is that coffee stains teeth and it is up there with cigarette smoke stained teeth. To get rid of that stain and you need to treat them to bring back the whitening.

So instead of trying to whiten your teeth, you cut back a little on the brew.



Bad Breath

Coffee can cause to Bad breath too. You know that awful small of ...

It's common between heavy coffee drinkers.



Coffee raises stress levels

Too much coffee raises anxiety levels and you can become stressed out. This shouldn't be news to you.

Terrible shakes after drinking too much coffee its known fact.



Coffee might rise the risk of heart attack

It significantly elevates the heart and blood pressure sometimes to risky levels . While science is still somewhat out on this, it shouldn't be much of a surprise.

So it can't be a good thing.



Coffee might cause to Sterility

It actually lowers your sperm count. Yes, it can affect the little guys swimming in your semen.

It may sound too weird to be true, but it is.



Coffee might cause to Stomach problems

People suffering stomach problem have to be aware that caffeine irritates the lining of stomach.

It may cause to pain in stomach, heart burn and reflux too.



Health benefits of Coffee

Here are some health benefits of coffee:
  • Lately found that coffee helps prevent prostate cancer in men. If that's true here's another great reason why to not retire of it.

  • This is too weird, but it is true. Coffee contains boron, which is a chemical that helps curb prostate cancer.

  • It is a good social drink and helps to get close interacted with people. Drinking coffee with friends can be good reason to go out for example.



You don't drink alcohol?

Well, people go to the coffee house to chat all the time. Having a cup of coffee could be a good reason to go out and meet new people. A cup once and while can't be so bad, it probably can't hurt.

It's hard to know, who you might meet: maybe even a good friend over that cup of Joe.

It helps wash down a meal. In many cultures it is common thing to either start a meal or finish one with a cup of coffee. It's not certain that coffee actually helps the digestion process, but as we already said, it sure tastes good after a meal.

Doing things in moderation it's natural and acceptable approach to all thing in our life but if you feel that you are over doing it, you need to cut back on the coffee. It might taste good, but in the long run you might cause yourself more harm than good.

Just keep in mind that one or two cups per day isn't going to hurt you.

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