Chitosan Fat Blockers

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What is Chitosan


Chitin which is the structural element in the exoskeleton of crustaceans as lobsters, crabs, shrimp, etc.. is used for commercial production of Chitosan, by chemical process named "De-acetilation".

  • Primer usage of Chitosan is as a plant growth enhancer, and as a substance that boosts the ability of plants to defend against fungal infections. Low toxic potential of Chitosan makes it safe to use and is not expected to harm people, pets or wildlife.

  • Water processing engineering is another place where Chitosan can also be used, as a part of a filtration process. Fine sediment particles are binded together by Chitosan and they are subsequently removed with the sediment during sand filtration. Fat binding abilities of Chitosan allows also removal of phosphorus, heavy minerals, and oils from the water.

  • Chitosan rapidly clots the blood, and it has recently gained approval in the USA for use in bandages. The bandages with a thin layer of ;Chitosan, when applied to a wound, cause rapid clotting and effectively stops the bleeding. Chitosan as hypoallergenic has natural anti-bacterial properties, further supporting its use in field bandages.



Chitosan Review

Chitosan was discovered in 1811 and since than scientists are studying its properties and especially it's natural abilities as "fat attractor" or "fat binder". Chitosan, as a Fat Blocker, usually is sold in tablet form at health stores. It's popular to think of Chitosan as it have the capability of absorbing fat from the digestive system and expelling it from the body, to allow users lose weight without eating less.



Chitosan as Weight loss Supplement

Products based on Chitosan are commonly promoted as proven, safe, and natural weight loss products. They are relating to Chitosan some other health benefits as reducing of cholesterol levels, fat neutralizing and all that with minimal or no known side effects at all.



Chitosan Research Results

Interesting fact is that all those are just assumptions because up to date there is only one well-designed study published about the effects of Chitosan on humans. Results of the research confirmed that there is no evidence to confirm any of the claims made by Chitosan promoters.

More than that latest research suggests that these claims are likely without any substance. At best, unmodified Chitosan would remove roughly 30 calories per day from a person's diet. Modified Chitosan is claimed to absorb anywhere up to three to six times its weight in fat and oils. Detractors claim that using Chitosan may have the deleterious effect of rendering ineffective certain minerals found in foodstuffs and required by the body in order to remain healthy.



Chitosan Side Effects

The claims about Chitosan as Weight loss promoting supplement never had proven scientifically. Other scientific research has indicated that using Chitosan can lead to vitamin and mineral depletion. It may cause to interference with the body’s natural ability to absorb fat-soluble nutrients, including vitamin A and D, and certain phytochemicals. As these nutrients are essential to the normal function and well being of all body processes, a nutrient depletion can have crucial consequences.

Chitosan has been proven as effective at lowering cholesterol levels but there are more safe and effective ways to achieve the goal. Human clinical trials did not prove Chitosan as safe and effective weight loss product too.



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