Can you be fat yet fit?

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Is it really possible?

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Did you ever wonder if it is really possible to be fat, yet fit? Is it even possible that fat people still go on with overeating and at the same time keep their muscles trained and strong?

Well, unfortunately it turns out that they cant. According to the Mayo Clinic all those extra pounds on your body mean extra trouble for you. And it doesn't matter how long you are exercising each day. Seams like, all that fat is simply not good for the heart, nor for your health.


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Can you be fat and healthy if you do exercise?

It actually is one big question... Regular workout, can it keep you as an overweight person be healthy? It sounds like a legitimate question, isn't it?

It's well known fact that exercising for just 15 minutes a day can make a huge difference for overweight people. It helps you to lower your blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, refresh you as it gives you injection of an energy and leaves you in a better mood.

Some may say that it is not that bad to be fat as long as are healthy and are feeling great... You can keep highly active life and your heart is not threatening to split your chest and jump out every time you go up a flight of stairs.



What is the answer

Did you know what the experts from the Mayo Clinic state? As they suggest being overweight is a risk factor for many health conditions. If you are overweight then exercising will make you healthier just for a moment. It turns out that exercises only can�t lower your risk of developing diabetes later on and it is not a surefire way even of preventing heart problems.

So, are you overweight and want to stay healthy? Avoid health risk and developing of serious health conditon? Unfortunately, no matter if you are exercising or not, you have to lose those extra pounds... they just have got to go away!

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Get off that couch!

It's interesting enough that, on the other side, according to the results of study people who do not exercise on a regular basis are just in as much risk, regardless of their weight. You see, your body is meant to have a certain amount of daily physical activity in order to function properly. Because of that maintaining a healthy weight alone without regular exercise will not do enough for you.

You need to get off that couch! And start some walks every day for at least 30 minutes each time. I know how unconvenient it is... and how you will look for any reason to avoid doing it.

But there is a little tip I want to share with you ;) Do you like a pats? Buy yourself a dog and take it twice a day for a short walk of 15-20 minutes each time.

Your dog will love you for that and you'll benefit of walk for 30-40 minutes a day on fresh air... for all days of a week... that way you will be on your route to stay healthy for many years!


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