Why Can't I "Spot Reduce"?

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Review of "Spot Reducing"

We human beings have a problem areas. Even lucky ones of us, who have achieved their ideal body weight, will still remain with the problem.

It could show as the love handles, as the flabby arms or the sagging skin or the hips. The market is fool of products, as creams to get rid of the fats to supplements and gadgets to tone the arms, thighs or the abs.

However, the reality check attempt you have to make will not work, you cannot spot reduce and it will not be for your good.



Spot Theory of Fat Reduction (spot reducing )

The main idea of Spot Theory is that specific exercises or diets might assist reduce the amount of fat in a particular area of the body without affecting the fat amount in other parts of the body. Somehow, many people believe that too much fatty tissue around the waist could be reduced by various abdominal exercises.

The idea was capitalized by Several writers and they've promoted so names "Spot-Reducing Diets".

Rosemary Conley was devisor of one of the most famous is The Hip and Thigh Diet.

Her claim that her very low fat diet plan with food restricted to no more than 12 per cent fat, and intensive exercise programme allow you lose weight preferentially from the hips and thighs.

The Conley programme is one of the most commercially successful ever devised one. More than 2 million copies of her book was sold around the world.



What do the experts say?

However, many famous diet and nutrition experts criticized the theory. They did not accepted the claim that diet and exercise programme can assist you shed fat from specific parts of your body but not others.

The researchers on tennis players who played more than 6 hours a weeks disproved the idea. There was expected the arm used to hold the racquet to be more muscular and less fatty than the other arm. Although the racquet-holding arm was more muscular, the amount of fat was the same in both arms.



"Spot Reduce" Pro's and Con's

Results of other studies confirmed that it is actually impossible to manipulate diet or use any kind of exercise to lose fat from specific parts of the body.

Deficit produced by Energy creation is balanced by withdrawal of fat from all existed fat stores around the body.



Why I Can't "Spot Reduce"

The information on the market misinforms the public about the benefits that could be expected from so-called "Revolutionary products" when in fact there are no revolutionary results you shall look for.


1. Importance of Healthy Diet 

Healthy and well balanced Diet is the most  important element to get rid of the undesirable fats on your body.

The consumed foods come with calories and cholesterol that will be stored on your body and guess where? Apparently on those problem areas of yours.

Diet with low nutritional value and non healthy content is the main culprit for presence of fats.

Thus, keep indulging in sweets, fatty foods or junk foods and you will remain defenseless, no matter how much you depend on whole those gadgets on the market.

2. Is Spot Reduction a Mere Myth?

The belief about efficacy of spot reduction efforts, the supplements you see on the open market require merely attach as they are not healthy at all.

When you are in your healthy endeavors, you still have to be on the top of your physiology. You should be aware what it takes to achieve a goal: are developing nice looking flat six-packs in your stomach, you should know what it takes to get them.

According the popular belief that you can improve look of your stomach by simply focusing on abdominal exercises or by using of the gadgets, will do not work for you. Once again, you cannot spot reduce; you cannot achieve the goal by simply doing that one abdominal exercise.

Only genetics, diet and different approach to your lifestyle can help the fat come off.

It's well known truth that before you can even aim for the six-packs on the stomach, you should have to take away the fats first.

The proper time to really focus on working out of the six-packs and on the abdominal exercises is only after surpassing the diet and cardiovascular requirements.

Doing hundreds of crunches a day apparently will only exhaust you but it will not get rid of unwanted fats. The fat stored in the spot you are targeting will not be burnt by the body. Workouts can actually assist to that, the fats will be burned one at a time, but not just in one area. Integrated system of reducing the fats in the body is more sophisticated and much more complicated than described.

The natural gain of body mass at this point could be achieved by having of the healthy well balanced diet and intensive cardiovascular exercises. Only this way you can get rid of the fats and get additional body mass.

3. Can I make the Shortcuts?

You can not make shortcuts; you have to pay the price... the full price. Miracle diets, wonder pills and potions are mere shortcuts and they will lead you to a dead end. You have to earn your healthy body; you have to work for it if the healthy body is aimed, of course.

In the environment we are living and the fast world with all  the advancement of technology, your body still remains very much natural. You are limited by natural requirements of your body: the healthy well balanced diet, containing all nutritional substances in it, regular exercise and considerable amount of time to achieve that desirable state.

4. What is required to achieve Health and Fitness?

If you strive to the health of your body than you should be aware of the fact that it is a lifelong commitment. Good body which you have now will not remain so forever if you abuse on your diet and lifestyle. It needs to be loved and taken care of, to be nourished on regular basis.

In such manner if you will depend on the false spot reduction claims, it will really bring you nowhere. You can only nurture hope, but you really cannot expect.

In order to have the healthy body you have to get an exercise program for your self and make some cardinal changes in your diet, you must give your self a holistic development; you have to improve not only the body condition, but the overall outlook in life as well.

5. You Have to Do It the Proper Way

Regarding to all those points we have discussed above, the bottom line, the summary of all was said is, to get healthy you have to do it simply the proper way.

The saying, No pain, no gain, still holds true. So you should not be a victim of the misleading information and empty promises thrown upon you. You should simply know the proper options.

Take care of the matter, take it into your own hands, mark the target - healthy body, ease of mind and ease of soul, pay the price to achieve it and enjoy the benefits of your improved body state.

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