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If you ever were on diet, you probably know that trying to lose weight without additional help of weight loss pills can be very difficult task. But...  You can lose weight much faster than usual When you choose the right weight loss supplement.

However, nowadays when weight loss market is very big and is regularly growing, going through all diet pills available on the market and comparing all of them, is practically impossible. Now more than ever when the weight loss industry is full of products with false claims and with no medically backed data, you have to get reliable information to make best decision about which diet pills to buy.

But don't worry - we are here for you and we have done that hard work for you. Recently we have conducted an extensive research and reviewed 3 the most popular diet pills on the market.

Our Top Rated 3 Weight Loss Pills


Top Diet Pills Proactol

Unique Hoodia

ProShape RX


Effectiveness Reduces fat intake by 28%,
Burns stored fat,
Blocks appetite
Reduces Cholesterol
Suppresses appetite Blocks appetite
Dangerous components No No No
Quality assurance Meets FDA guidelines for dietary supplements
EU directive
(MDD 93/42/EEC)
CITES certificate
Organics Annex Certificate
Certificate of Analysis
Certificate of Analysis
Avg Monthly Weight Loss 6-18 lbs
(3-8 kg)
4-17 lbs
(2-7 kg)
4-14 lbs
(2-6 kg)
Time Taken After meals Before Meals Before Meals
Side Effects None None None
Clinical Studies Study #1

Study #2

Study #3

Study #4

Study #5

Many clinical studies on Hoodia Gordonii
Dr. Approved Dr. Adam Carey
Dr. Joerg Gruenwald
30+ Doctors in Clinical Testing
Mr G.Alexander (Medical Herbalist) + 2 doctors
Media coverage
Florida Style Magazine
Daily Express, Dec 5 2006
Pills per package 120 90 90
Recommended Daily Dose 1-3 pills after meals 3 pills/day 3 pills/day
Price 1 month supply: $89.95
4 months supply: $248.95
8 months supply: $360.95

More info

1 month supply: $54.95

3 month supply: $119.95

6 month supply: $194.95

More info
1 month supply: $68.95 per bottle

4 months supply: $48.24 per bottle

12 months supply: $27.58 per bottle

Discounts Many discounts

More info

(4+ month packages)

enter code:  UHCR10

Bonuses (FREE)

- Online fitness program membership

- Effective weight loss Ebook

- 60 low-fat recipes
- Online Aerobic Videos

- Members Area Access

- ClearPores for healthy looking skin (order of 6+ months supply)


- Members Area Access

- ClearPores for healthy looking skin (order of 6+ months supply)
Customer service 24/7 Support: Phone/Email/Forum/Callback Online Form Online Form
Payment Types Credit/Debit Card, Phone orders, PayPal, Money Order, Check, Postal Order, Cash Online orders, Order by Fax, Order by Mail, Order by Phone Online orders, Order by Fax, Order by Mail, Order by Phone
Free shipping
2+ Months Orders
Money back guarantee 6 months 6 months 6 months
Overall Rating 5/5
Our Detailed Review Proactol Review UniqueHoodia Review ProShape RX Review
Order link Order Proactol Order UniqueHoodia Order ProShape RX
Website Proactol Website UniqueHoodia website ProShape RX Website

Additionally you might want to compare Proactol to Alli, Appidex, Phentermine, Ephedra, Meridia, Reductil or Xenical.


How do we test a weight loss pill?

We based our diet pill ratings on the following 10 factors:

  • Ingredients - Only diet pills with containing all NATURAL ingredients were taken for this test. Weight loss pill quality and safety are determined by authentic and of high quality!  ingredients that were approved by Certificate of Analysis (COA).

  • Manufacturer - Only reputable companies that are presented on the market for reasonable period of time were taken into consideration.

  • Dangerous components - Only Diet pill that DO NOT contain potentially harmful ingredients! as Caffeine, Ephedra, heavy metals, organic solvents  and residues, allergens, artificial colouring, flavours, salt and preservatives. The herbal ingredient must be mixed with other components in a way which assures the best possible results.

  • Clinical studies - Only Medically Backed diet pills were reviewed during the research! All clinical studies have to available online to help you see them! (Yes/No)

  • Side effects - Weight loss pill have to be side effects free -- We aim for products that have no known side effects and can Not put your health in danger! (Yes/No)

  • Quantity of selling products - We also took into consideration only products that customers order in higher quantities (orders with minimum 2+ months supply).

  • Reorder rate - Only products with highest reorder rates were taken into consideration (this is clear indication that consumers love the product and come back and order these products again because they really work).

  • Price - Only products with reasonable price tag were taken for this test. We strive to ensure that anybody who is serious about weight loss will be able to afford products that we recommend. However, keep in mind that quality product has quality price. And we know that you don't want to waste your hard earned money on cheap and suspicious imitations that don't work -- that's the reason why we didn't take those products into consideration.

  • Money back guarantee - The Longer (bigger) money back guarantee you will get when you purchase the product, the more serious company is and has bigger respect for it's customers.;

  • Results reported by customers - The real customer feedback is the most important factor in our research. To recommend you the product we need to have the real evidence of real people that are using the weight loss pill and you have to see what they said about the pill. And how we collect the users feedbacks? We often collect them in form of user testimonials through company website feedback form, phone feedback or personal contact and emails arriving to our support center.

How did we come up with these results?

The weight loss pills presented in this chart are among the best in their niches, as we showed in our comparison. We have specially chosen slimming pills from every type of natural weight loss supplement for you. Now you can try the pills you consider the most convenient, would it be carb blocker pills or weight loss accomplished by appetite suppression, or the complex weight loss supplements giving better well-being along with losing weight.

Our results are compiled from independent medical reviews, clinical studies, endorsements from world famous health experts, online surveys and direct feedback by real diet pills customers --both men and women.

Keep in mind that we value your opinion. We would really appreciate your feedback, as we are continuously working on our research on top diet pills on the market. You are welcome to contact us with your comments, positive or negative feedback about any particular issue or weight loss pill. We will be glad if you will contact us and share with us your experiences.

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