HCG Diet Plans – The Importance of Protein As a Weight Loss Aid

HCG Diet Plans Protein Weight Loss Aid

Protein Role in HGC Diet

When on any of the HCG diet plans, protein is an important component.

The protein portion of this diet is crucial because of the metabolic effects that contribute to successful weight loss. Not are proteins are the same in their metabolic properties, so it is important to follow the specific dietary instructions.

“Postprandial thermogenesis” is a medical term for the additional energy needed for the digestion of food that can represent up to 10% of our caloric needs.

  • You are more likely to lose weight by increasing your caloric needs by ingesting a good source of protein.
  • This added protein requires more energy for digestion.
  • There is a greater likelihood of losing weight when you increase the caloric needs of your metabolism.
  • As more calories are burned, the more you will deplete your fat stores.

Protein is an Effective Appetite Suppressant

Protein as it is being digested provides an actual appetite suppressive effect.

We are uncertain as to how this actually works but it is seen in clinical practice.

People who eat more protein especially early in the day actually have less appetite.

One group of individuals that ate a protein rich breakfast and were not given any limits on subsequent food choices, consumed about 30% fewer calories the following day than the other group who ate a presumably carbohydrate rich breakfast.

The implication is that the protein digestion process somehow induces some degree of appetite suppression. This effect can be helpful when combined with HCG diet plans.

Protein Balancing Blood Insulin Levels

One of the goals in the HCG diet plans are to normalize blood sugar and insulin levels.

Protein in the diet tends not to elevate blood insulin levels.

Carbohydrates tend to increase blood sugar and blood insulin levels, which is a problem because insulin is a fat storage hormone. By displacing carbohydrates with protein in your meals you will minimize the fat storing effects of elevated insulin levels in your body.

When you are on a restricted calorie diet such as the HCG diet, your body will metabolize sources other than fat stores, it will also look to muscle tissue to satisfy its caloric needs.

It would be great if your body would automatically take the needed calories exclusively from fat, but unfortunately that is not how it works.

Burn Fat Not Lean Muscle

Protein added to the diet along with pharmaceutical HCG has been shown to effect the body in such a way that it will tend to take the needed calories from fat instead of lean muscle.

You may want to consider taking a fiber supplement to buffer the decreased bulk in your diet.

Side Effects

—   One side effect of reducing calories is constipation, the fiber supplement with help to alleviate this issue.

—   Powdered supplemental fiber may contain sugar so make sure the brand you take is sugar free.

In conclusion, when following a low calorie diet, it is recommended to incorporate both high levels of protein and pharmaceutical HCG to assist with optimal fat burning and appetite suppression in order to reach your weight loss goals. This concept should be followed when on any of the HCG diet plans.



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