AZMED Maternity Belt (Breathable Abdominal Binder) for Back Support Review

AZMED Maternity Belt (Breathable Abdominal Binder) for Back Support Review

Review of Maternity Belt by Azmed


The Product Overview

Pregnancy brings the joy and anticipation of having a little new baby. But, it also may cause general pain and discomfort to future mother. Pregnancy also reduces the support that the pelvis provides to the back and hips while pressure on them is growing.

Over the course of the pregnancy, especially when going through the third trimester, future mothers have to face different problems that carrying child brings about. Eating for two and increasing the body weight, makes pregnant women go through emotions that only women can understand.

Each woman experience pains because of increasing body weight differently. When pregnant, future mothers find that excess body weight is changing their normal posture; the thing that forces them to bend backward more often than before. This is putting excess pressure on the lower back, increase the pressure on the hip and tailbone.

Belly Changes After Pregnancy

The body changes during pregnancy cause utmost discomfort to pregnant women. It is difficult to walk, it’s difficult to stand or even to sit. It becomes even more painful for working ladies, who have to stay on their feet a lot during this period. Swollen legs and ankles, lower back pain, hip and pelvic pain all those come at the same time.

To help ease on pregnant women carry an additional weight without hurting her back and spine, the AZMED maternity belt comes into the picture. Azmed Maternity Belt helps to release future mothers from suffering from discomfort and pain without taking supplements or pain-killers. Maternity Belt by Azmed helps increase hip stability and ease the discomfort effectively.

Azmed designed and manufactured this maternity belt to make a life of pregnant woman simpler and more comfortable. The abdominal belt was designed for the wellbeing of soon-to-be mothers. Yes, keeping in mind wellbeing of future mother is the only reason why AZMED maternity belt was designed.

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Azmed Metrnity Belt Benefits Pros Cons

Helps Ease The Pain & Discomfort of Pregnancy

– The maternity belt supports the growing baby bump. It provides the needed gentle support for the waist and abdominal area. The elastic belly wrap helps pregnant women experiencing hip, lower back and pelvic girdle pain, bladder pressure, separation of the abdominal muscles, and sacroiliac dysfunction.

Protects the Back and Hip

– This maternity belt acts like a bolster for the mother-to-be. The pregnancy brace supports the belly, waist, hips and pelvic bone which helps to hold the fetus safely and protect future mothers while lessening any pain that is normal during a pregnancy. And the adjustable material offers enough room for the belly grow.

Reducing the Weight on the Back

– The belt helps to reduce the weight and pressure that is exerted on the back. This will help to reduce the effects that the excess weight may have on your spine.

Move with Ease for Daily Activities

– Due to the unbalanced weight, it is painful to sit and walk during pregnancy, which requires wearing maternity girdle to support bulky weight to against straining back by lessening spinal. Just like mother’s hands to hold the fetus firmly, fitting comfortably around the waist and allowing enough flexibility for daily life.

Azmed meternity belt - Move with Ease for Daily Activities

Improves Posture

– It will be difficult for you to be able to stand up straight or even sit up straight because of the increase in the abdominal weight. This belt helps to support all the excess weight during and even after the pregnancy. It also helps in supporting and strengthening the muscles that have become loose and feeble. When your muscles start to strengthen, you will be able to maintain a good posture thereby protecting your back during and after your pregnancy.


– The belt is delicate and is made of breathable material. It can be customized to fit snugly around your abdominal region to support you and to protect your baby.

Designed to Solve These Pregnancy Related Problems


The only issue with this belt is that it is a tad bit expensive. Many women who have used the belt during their pregnancy have loved the feel of it on their belly. They have said that the best part about this belt is that they barely feel it around them. 

Final Thoughts

The belt works wonders when it comes to distributing the weight from pregnancy. It strengthens your muscles and distributes the weight to ensure that you do not hurt your back. 

Azmed maternity belt is perfect for every pregnant mom out there. You will never feel any discomfort and will not have to visit the doctor because of a back pain! Grab one for yourself today and gain a healthy life for you and your baby! 

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