Why Exercise Helps Weight Loss in More Ways than One

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How exercise helps to accelerate weight loss? …And…

Why exercise helps weight loss in more ways than one?

exercise-smThe benefit of exercise is that while you are exercising, you will be burning additional calories over and above those that you have been using previously.

Consequently, exercise will help to get rid of the additional weight you are carrying. If regular exercise and you have become strangers in the recent past, it is time to start getting yourself reacquainted with doing some exercise.

However, it goes much further than actually burning off more calories when you are participating in exercise, because activity helps to speed up your metabolism as well.

But, First thing first…

It’s well known fact that muscle does burn fat!

If you have a greater muscle mass on your body you burn more calories (and more fat) to feed your muscle. Therefore, even simple exercise helps you toning your body and gaining muscle mass on your body.

In essence, once you start a program of regular exercise, your body might actually burn more calories even when at rest, so that there will be an all-round improvement in the speed at which you are using up the calories. In fact, this improvement can go as far as burning off more calories when you sleep, because although your body is at rest, the ‘speed up’ effect in your metabolism is a 24/7 thing.

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However, it is generally believed that anaerobic exercise is far more effective for burning fat when you are at rest than is aerobic exercise. I will expand on the differences in the next post.