Two Things You Can Do to Start Shedding the Fat Pounds

You pile on the poundage because you are taking in energy that you are not using.

There are two things that you can do to start shedding the fat pounds, two things that can be done in isolation but which work far better if done together.

1. One is to increase the amount of calories that you burn every day through a program of sensible exercise.

2. The second is to reduce the calories that you take in, so that instead of eating more calories than you need every day, you are eating fewer.

As suggested, these could be considered an ‘either/or’ choice, but I would strongly suggest that you should think about both at the same time, because doing so cannot fail to accelerate the speed at which you will shed the extra pounds.

We will begin by looking at

  1. The benefits of exercise
  2. How exercise helps to accelerate weight loss
  3. Why exercise helps weight loss in more ways than one