Add More Simple Steps to Effective Natural Weight Loss

Full fast

Instead of eating two or three substantial meals a day, suppress your appetite with water or any of the substances that you read of in the previous post, and try to eat 5 or 6 small meals every day.

small mealsBy doing so, you will spread the energy that you draw from those meals more evenly throughout the course of the day, meaning that your energy levels become far more constant than they might otherwise be.

This also puts significantly less strain on your digestive system, which can be helpful in flushing out the toxic waste that otherwise tends to hang around in your stomach and colon.

  • Another thing that you can do that is effective is to make a conscious effort to chew your food many more times than you have in the past.

By chewing your food a great deal more in this way, you are making the remains of it far easier for your stomach to digest while making it far less likely that you are going to overeat. This is because your stomach does not register the amount of food that you have eaten immediately, so if you eat quickly, it is very easy to put too much food into your stomach without realizing it. It is only later that you begin to feel overfull and bloated.

Chewing your food more slowly and comprehensively automatically means that it is far easier to stop eating before your stomach becomes over-full. Furthermore, because your teeth have done a good ‘predigestion’ job of breaking your food down before it hits your stomach, you make the digestive work considerably easier.

One mistake that you should not make is to stop eating altogether.

Many people who are determined to shift stubborn fat from their body try to do so by starving themselves, but this never works, because all that happens in this situation is that your body starts to ‘shut down’.

When this happens, not only will your body start burning the fat, but it will also start to eat away at muscle tissue. Hence, you will be losing weight, but the kind of weight you are losing is exactly the kind of weight that you want to retain.

To take this even further, your heart is nothing more than one large muscle, and if you are seriously overweight or obese, your heart is already under significant extra pressure and strain. If you start to starve yourself, you are therefore putting even more strain on your heart, which is really not a smart thing to do.

In short, forget the idea of starving yourself. Not only is it an ineffective way of shedding fat, it could be dangerous as well, so don’t do it.

Instead, stick to what you have read in these articles. You have everything you need here to shed your excess fat quickly and the most important — safely — so don’t be tempted to try to do something that is counterproductive and could be dangerous.

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