How You Can Effectively Balance Your Digestive System

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Are you planning to lose weight? You must balance your digestive system! …Especially if you want to keep the weight off.

You can effectively balance your digestive system if you learn that what you eat can make all the difference in either losing the weight or in packing it on.

Read on to learn how…

In my earlier posts, I suggested that your system processes raw foods considerably more quickly than it processes refined, fast foods, and that while any foodstuff is still in your digestive system, your body will continue to pull as many calories from it as possible.

Consuming raw foods is one way of helping your digestive system to become more efficient, but there are many other things that you can do that will provide additional help. Check this 100% Natural solution for effortless and painless long lasting weight loss »

The fact is, digestion is the most energy consuming activity that your body ever has to undertake, so the more you can help your digestive system to become more efficient, the healthier you will become.

The basic digestion process is designed to break foodstuffs down into their constituent materials before using each of those constituents as necessary. For example, every single morsel of food that reaches your stomach will be broken down into minerals, vitamins, calorific energy and so on.

However, not every foodstuff is digested in the same way, with some foods (e.g. those that are rich in protein) being broken down by acids, whereas others (e.g. carbohydrates) needing alkalis to prompt digestion.

Consequently, if you mix proteins and carbohydrates in the same meal, you have a situation where your body is completely confused! Check here to find out more

On the one hand, you are producing acids to digest one particular foodstuff, and at exactly the same time, you are producing alkalis to digest something else, and the two substances cancel each other out.

The net result is that nothing gets digested, and at some point, your bodily system simply gives up.

Instead of eating protein and carbohydrate rich foodstuffs in the same meal, eat them at different times in different meals.

Also, because vegetables can be digested by either acids or alkalis, ‘bulk up’ each meal with vegetables, as it will be detailed in the next post.

With these steps, you will help your digestive system to become more effective, and we have already seen that the less time food spends in your digestive tract, the fewer calories come from it and therefore the less fat you will accumulate.

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