How Becky Griggs Went From 350 Pounds Less then 150

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Incredible Story of Becky Griggs: How She Went From Fat to Flat

Becky Griggs, a 43-year-old fitness trainer from Oregon City, and mother of two, used to weigh 352 pounds six years ago. Today she weighs 200 pounds lighter than she used to be, and considerably has improved her health in the weightloss process.

The excessive weight from six years ago led her to be concerned about her constantly rising blood pressure. However, one simple decision brought her to use exercise, and diet, and she lost over 200 pounds.

Rather than go for some sophisticated or gimmicky diet plan, Becky Griggs decided to simplify things and go back to basics. According to the plan she worked out five small meals a day, focused on protein and something “God grew” would do the job.

She totally eliminated sugar and flour until she hit her weight loss goal and now allows herself an occasional cheat as long as she plans ahead and counteracts the moments of ill-advised food choices.

Although Becky Griggs didn’t use that specifically this sort of idea behind the Atkins diet plan that Becky followed the basics of that plan.

While she calls it a “clean diet,” Atkins would have called it a diet clear of simple carbohydrates.

Becky didn’t intended to become a fitness trainer and it wasn’t because it was a calling. So, why she did make a change? Simple, she did so to keep herself in the gym. She just wanted to make sure she maintained her fitness regimen.

So, now, as a fitness trainer, she weighs less than half that, having lost over 200 pounds. Her key to weight loss: simple math. She achieved her loss by taking in less calories than she burned up.

While Becky Griggs weighed 139 pounds for a bodybuilding contest earlier in 2009, she generally weighs about 150 pounds and she admits that it’s most comfortable maintaining her weight at 150 pounds.

Griggs’ story is a major motivation to her clients. She believes that it is critical for those embarking on a weight-loss program to really believe that they can improve their health with positive mind images.

She also recommends finding a like-minded friend to share positive feedback and provide support during the rough and rocky journey.

So what about you? Does this story motivate you too? I think so.

Well, all you have to do is, take a decision and stick it till you achieve your weight loss goal.