Chiropractor – The Benefits of Going to One

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Chiropractic therapy is a type of medical treatment that focuses on the structure of the body. Patients experiencing chronic pain may go to a chiropractor and undergo treatment.

Chiropractic therapy oftentimes focuses on the spine, which is why it is a good treatment for any back pain. However, chiropractic therapy is also a good treatment for chronic pain to the ligaments, tendons and muscles.

Going to a chiropractor to be treated for any pain, whether it is chronic or acute, has many benefits.

What is a chiropractor?

A chiropractor is especially educated on treating the joints and muscles of the body with their hands and avoiding assistance from any machines. A chiropractor can also perform massages just like a massage therapist.

However, a massage therapist is not trained to adjust the spine and other joints in the body. Although a chiropractor cannot prescribe medicine, they can make a medical diagnosis while a massage therapist cannot.

Treatment of misalignments

Every joint of a human’s body has nerve arteries and veins that form a neurovascular bundle, and if a person’s muscles or joints are out of alignment, this will disturb the bundle, sending a message to the brain about the pain, whether it is a chronic or acute pain.

A chiropractor can treat these types of pain or disorders such as disc, back pain, whiplash, and shoulder pain, to name a few.

A chiropractor uses many techniques

There are many techniques that a chiropractor uses to treat different kinds of pain. Unknown to people outside of the medical field, there are different types of pain. Acute pain often has reversible causes and may only require the correction of the underlying problem. This type of pain may result from trauma.

Chronic pain, the other type, often results from a condition that is difficult to diagnose and treat. Oftentimes, chronic pain takes time to reverse or to treat. Other symptoms or conditions may also result in chronic pain.

Depending on the type of pain as well as the necessary treatment needed, a chiropractor can manipulate the joints to align them or do some simple stretching and massage techniques.

Part of pain management

A chiropractor, whether living in zip code 33634 or anywhere in Florida, applies pain management in their therapy or treatment sessions.

Pain management is actually multi-disciplinary in nature, applying a comprehensive program to achieve absolute and sustained pain relief. In layman’s terms, pain management is the medical discipline that focuses on the relief of pain.

Pain management essentially uses three approaches – pharmacologic, non-pharmacologic and psychological measures. Pharmacological measures deal with the intake of pain relievers or modifiers while non-pharmacological does not require the usage of medications.

It is in this part that chiropractic therapy comes in.

By going to chiropractic therapy, a patient is assured that a methodical approach is used to relieve pain, whether it is back pain or a simple whiplash. One must remember that pain management involves many fields of medicine aside from a chiropractor.

Can apply massage therapy as treatment

A chiropractor can not only relieve chronic pain brought about by a number of reasons but they are also able to use massage therapy as a form of treatment.

A patient experiencing back pain, shoulder pain or a disc may go to a chiropractor to have their joints aligned and at the same time have a massage therapy as part of their treatment.

Also, a patient going for a simple massage therapy is guaranteed that the appropriate medical technique as well as treatment will be provided by a chiropractor, unlike going to a regular massage therapist.